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In close cooperation with Intellias, a leading European software engineering powerhouse, is helping transform and advance the Swiss healthcare landscape by combining 360-degree domain expertise with state-of-the-art services and solutions.
who we are

Who we are is an innovative startup with a strong engineering DNA that empowers companies in healthcare and life sciences sectors throughout their digital transformation journeys. We offer a combination of products and services building a thriving digital healthcare technology landscape, one fueled by advanced engineering and development services of our exclusive partner Intellias.


Who we serve is poised to work with a wide range of healthcare businesses and medical institutions in Switzerland and the EU, including hospitals and clinics, pharmaceutical, BioTech, MedTech, and insurance companies, as well as promising startups in the healthcare domain. Our mission is to leverage our knowledge and experience for boosting digital transformation processes and apply that expertise to the critical, yet fairly conservative, healthcare industry. Our startup spirit empowers us to stay agile and work swiftly to bring about new digital solutions to the healthcare market.

As a client, you will benefit from our profound understanding of the local healthcare landscape, as well as a wide assortment of software engineering services offered by Intellias, our reliable strategic partner operating sizeable — and growing — R&D centers in the top 7 IT locations of Ukraine and Poland.

The results of our work translate into better, more predictable treatment outcomes and effective preventive care for patients while simultaneously offering healthcare providers with new revenue sources and streamlined processes.

Intellias at a glance

Founded in 2002, Intellias is a trusted technology partner delivering advanced solutions to Fortune 500 companies and top-tier organizations. Intellias has been serving such market leaders as HERE Technologies, LG, PTV Group, KIA, Swissquote Bank, and many others.

With over 2000 bright minds making up 7 delivery centers in the top IT locations of Ukraine and Poland, Intellias offers a variety of services for boosting its clients’ R&D capacity and building great products:

  • Digital consulting
  • Software engineering
  • Advanced technology
  • Solutions operations
  • Development teams

Over the past several years, Intellias has been continuously featured in the 2021 Global Outsourcing 100 and Inc. 5000 lists, nominated for GSA UK Awards, named the winner of a Silver Stevie Award in the 17th Annual International Business Awards, and ranked #1 employer among Ukrainian IT service providers by Forbes.

intellias at glance

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Our diverse healthcare practice

In tandem with Intellias, we help clients gain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving MedTech and BioTech markets by offering deep expertise in the most disruptive technology fields.


We help build and implement modern telehealth solutions capable of instantly connecting doctors and patients in today’s world defined by social distancing.

Industry 4.0

We build complex industrial automation systems with end-to-end interconnectivity, AI/ML, and data analysis empowering predictive maintenance capable of optimizing logistics, supply chain, and warehouse management.

Advanced automation

We use RPA and other operations management technologies to help automate business-critical clinical workflows and dramatically boost staff productivity and accuracy.

Data-based medicine

Our team leverages the latest advancements in data engineering, data science, and artificial intelligence to create smart diagnostic and powerful medical real-time data analysis systems.

Patient engagement

We implement innovative patient engagement techniques to reach a new level of effectiveness in the day-to-day interaction between patients and healthcare providers.

Mobile health

We bring the power of medical technology closer to consumers through deep service personalization and specialized lifestyle monitoring apps.

Client success stories

Enabling Nationwide Digital Transformation in Healthcare Services

A top government technology provider needed to build a suite of innovative healthcare solutions developed as part of a state-wide digital transformation initiative. Intellias was able to quickly assemble several teams totaling over 100 experts to build 7 complex software products operating under a single umbrella. The projects were completed in record time and turned out to be a huge success, winning a national award for healthcare digital transformation excellence.

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Mammography Solution for PACS Workstations

Intellias helped a leading German provider of RIS, PACS, digital mammography diagnostics, and digital radiography solutions to breathe new life into their legacy software suite for workstations installed at doctors’ offices across the country. In the course of the project, Intellias dramatically improved the extensibility of the system, conducted deep code refactoring, made changes to the overall architecture of the existing software, and boosted its accuracy and performance by a far margin by implementing new advanced image processing algorithms.

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E-Referral & E-Request Healthcare Platform

A Canadian company operating an intelligent healthcare platform for processing eRequests and eReferrals by hospitals and clinics needed to modernize and adapt existing healthcare solutions for 11 new hospital sites within a limited time while ensuring two-way integration with EMR products and full compliance with stringent HIPAA requirements. Thanks to Intellias well-thought-out, two-phase approach, the project was successfully completed, paving way for speedy deployment at over 35 clinics and hospitals in Canada and abroad.

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Enterprise-level Platform for Risk Assessment in Healthcare

Intellias played the leading role in helping one of the largest global insurance companies build a state-of-the-art platform for multi-factor healthcare risk assessment based on a dynamic neural network (DNN). The solution relies on the latest scientific methodologies and mathematical models to assess life and health risks based on such factors as a patient’s medical history, activity levels, place of residence, frequency of travel, occupation, and multiple other parameters. The design of the solution allows for quick expandability and adaptability to other markets and different sets of evaluation criteria.

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End-to-end technology coverage

Our focus spans a number of technology areas that are extensively used by healthcare companies, enabling us to assist them in carrying out software engineering projects of any complexity.

AI & ML applications

We use innovative AI and ML technologies to build intelligent systems for high-speed patient profiling, risk assessment, claims management, and generation of data-based treatment recommendations.

Cloud development

We build secure and scalable cloud applications, redesign the architecture of existing solutions, optimize our clients’ cloud infrastructures, migrate data and services, as well as boost cloud deployment at many levels.

Data processing and analytics

We build fast and scalable data processing pipelines that ingest large volumes of medical data, store it in the cloud and ensure its 24/7 availability for analysts and executives through customizable dashboards.

UI/UX design

We are well-versed in all mainstream prototyping tools and best UX design practices, which enables us to create a seamless, stress-free user experience for our clients and their customers.

Security and compliance

We help our clients implement full compliance with major industrial and region-specific standards, as well as reliably protect patients’ personal data with tried and tested cybersecurity methods and protocols.

Internet of Things

We work with all major IoT technologies and offer full-cycle IoT software development services coupled with IoT consulting, integration, and acceleration via our very own IoT accelerator platform.

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